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Avery Camerlingo Kill, LLC

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Firm Overview

Avery Camerlingo Kill, LLC, was founded in 2000 by three accomplished women attorneys committed to providing clients with personal, unparalleled representation in all family law and employment law matters. Since then, the firm has provided high-quality legal representation to their clients and developed a strong reputation in the legal community. Avery Camerlingo Kill, LLC is proud to have attorneys who have been named to the list of Illinois Superlawyers and Illinois Rising Stars appearing in Chicago Magazine and other publications.

Avery Camerlingo Kill, LLC provides straightforward guidance about the legal process that allows an individual to analyze possible outcomes of any particular course of action, always ensuring that each client is provided with the information needed to make the right choice for them.

Personal Attention

As a client of Avery Camerlingo Kill, LLC, you not only get the focused attention of the attorney you hire, but you also have access to the added benefit of the combined expertise of the entire firm. Because our attorneys work as a team in many respects, our clients always get a timely response to phone calls and efficient, effective management of their case.

Our firm has a realistic, cost-effective approach to litigation. Whether the case is ultimately litigated, settled, or resolved through some alternative dispute resolution method, the attorneys of Avery Camerlingo Kill, LLC are thoroughly prepared and ready to aggressively pursue your case. The attorneys of Avery Camerlingo Kill, LLC pride themselves of ensuring that a client is informed and knowledgeable about their case every step of the way during the litigation.

Aggressive Representation

Our attorneys are known and respected in the legal community as prepared, aggressive attorneys of the highest caliber. The attorneys of Avery Camerlingo Kill, LLC. hold positions of leadership in bar associations and have enjoyed the recognition of their peers and the community at large. They have skillfully represented clients not only at the trial court level, but have also successfully pursued cases to the appellate court level.

Relationships with Professionals

We have developed strong relationships with other professionals who may be important to the successful outcome of an individual client's case. The attorneys of Avery Camerlingo Kill, LLC. strive to maintain strong relationships with certain professionals such as real estate appraisers, business evaluators, financial planners, and psychologists who may be vital to bringing about a final resolution of a case.